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37th Informal Meeting on Mass Spectrometry

  5th – 8th May 2019

 Teatro dell’ Oratorio di Pieve, Via G. Marconi 3, Fiera di Primiero (TN) Italy

IMMS covers, as usual, all aspects of mass spectrometry. According to the spirit of IMMS meetings, we would like to support young scientists, giving them opportunity to present their results. It will also provide opportunity to discuss them in a friendly environment, with senior scientists. The number of participants will be limited to 150, so, please register early! As usual, there is no participation fee.

There is a possibility to publish the material presented at the 37th IMMS in a special issue of Journal of Mass Spectrometry, provided there will be more than 10 papers collected. Papers should be submitted not later than the 30th of June 2019, and will be published as soon as they are accepted.

In these pages, you can will find information about the 37th IMMS. Please do not hesitate to contact directly the Organizing Committee. We are also open for any proposals and suggestions that can improve the quality of the meeting.

On behalf of the Organizing Committee of the 37th IMMS, sincerely yours,


  Gianluca Bartolucci and Sara Crotti  (Chairmen) and László Drahos (Co-chairman)




The Informal Meeting was born thirty years ago in Italy with the aim of facilitating an exchange of knowledge between the various, mainly Central European, groups operating in the field of mass spectrometry. As you will have realized, there are two kinds of researchers: those who like to talk (about what others have done) and those who like to do (and talk about what they have done). Well, the IMMS was born with the aim of favoring the second group. Hence: i) there are no formal presentations e.g. by rectors, mayors or councilors; ii) there is no registration fee to encourage the presence of young people, who represent the future of science and technology; iii) the conference site is always organized in places suitable for a low budget, and mostly at rural locations to stimulate the exchange of ideas; iv) young scientists are encouraged to give lectures; while plenary lectures are mostly avoided; and finally, v) there is a strong emphasis to promote active discussions during and after lectures.

Five years after its foundation, the Hungarian Academy of Sciences took part actively and fruitfully in the organization of the Meeting, which was organized alternatively in Hungary and in Italy for many years. Increasing interest from a number of research groups led to moving the meeting to various other European countries as well; e.g. the 35th in France, 36th IMMS in Hungary, and the 38th probably in the Czech Republic. All of these choices contributed to the success of the meeting. The number of participants is limited to 120-150 by a conscious decision: This seems to be the maximum, which permits informality and encourages active discussion. Most participants are coming from various European countries with a few additions from the United States and Canada. Most mass spectrometry manufacturers and representatives of ancillary techniques are also present; which is a good opportunity both to companies and participants to discuss technical issues.

In the past we, Pietro Traldi and Károly Vékey, were joint chairmen and in most cases main organizers of the meeting, and we did enjoy it tremendously. We wish to thank all participants of the past meetings and all our colleagues helping in the organization: It was a fantastic occasion to develop not only professional contacts, but real friendship with a lot of people. Life is based on  personal interactions and we hope that IMMS did help creating contacts and goodwill among most participants.

After over thirty years of IMMS we think that a change is needed: Younger people should take care of the IMMS organization to guarantee its future based on the established tradition. The new organizers will be Gianluca Bartolucci (Florence University) and László Drahos (Hungarian Academy of Sciences), but we will still be around to help out, when needed. We wish Gianluca and László a good job!


Pietro Traldi and Károly Vékey

(Honorary Chairmen)




IRP- Institute of Pediatric Research

Città della Speranza, Padova



IMaSS - Italian Mass Spectrometry Society


University of Florence


Edmund Mach Foundation of San Michele All'Adige


Primiero San Martino di Castrozza



Gianluca Bartolucci

Sara Crotti


László Drahos


Sara D’Aronco

Pietro Traldi

Károly Vékey

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Registration at Teatro dell’ Oratorio di Pieve


Informal get together party at Teatro dell’ Oratorio di Pieve




Opening: welcome addresses by P. Traldi and G. Bartolucci


Oral presentations


Chairman: Peter Burgers


K. Vékey, S. Sugár, A. Ács, L. Drahos and L. Turiák

Problems and solutions with respect to standards used in proteomics


F. Tisato, M. Porchia, S. Carlotto, M. Casarin, A. Bonna, K. Bossak-Ahmad, W. Bal and P. Traldi

ESI(+)MS and DFT studies on the internalization of copper in tumour cells:

copper(II)/copper(I) interplay at the hCtr1 substrate


M. Witt, T. Nikou, M. Halabalaki, M. Godejohann, N. Kessler, A. Barsch and C. Thompson

Fast detection of metabolites in complex samples by magnetic resonance mass spectrometry



Coffee Break


Chairman: Làszlò Drahos


B. Paizs and Z. Takats

Identification of metabolites using accurately computed fragmentation patterns

and searches in databases of 2D molecular structures


E. Halin, S. Hoyas, J. De Winter, V. Lemaur, J. Cornil, S. Laurent and P. Gerbaux

Gas-phase structure of peptoid ions: impact of structural factors


L. Velkova, A. Dolashki, B. Lieb, Van Beeumen, B. Devreese and P. Dolashka

Glycan structures of molluscan hemocyanins


J. Cautereels and F. Blockhuys

Five years of “quantum chemical mass spectrometry”: achievements

and future challenges


Poster session


Oral presentations


Chairman: Thomas Drewello


N. A. van Huizen, J. L. Holmes and P. C. Burgers

Stabilities and dissociation energies of protonated molecules


L. Bechtella, C. Kirschbaum, G. Clodic, L. Matheron, G. Bolbach, S. Sagan, A. Walrant and E. Sachon

Benzophenone photoreactivity in a lipid bilayer to probe

peptide/membrane interactions by MALDI-TOF/TOF and ESI Orbitrap


J. Cvačka, V. Vrkoslav, T. Strmeň, B. Rumlová, P. Nekvasilová and O.Pačes

Development of APCI and APPI sources for microliter per minute

sample flow rates



Coffee Break


Chairman: Andrea Raffaelli


S. Douix, H. Dossmann, D. Duflot and A. Giuliani

Action spectroscopy of perfluorocarbons (PFCS)


P. Paizs, A. Perdones-Montero, J. Kinross, S. Cameron and Z. Takats

Optimising rapid evaporative ionization mass spectrometry (REIMS)-

mass spectrometry imaging (MSI) for direct from sample mapping of

faecal metabolites (PFCS)


J. Oschwald, M. B. Minameyer, I. D. Kellner, K. L. Maxouti, A. Hirsch and T. Drewello

Globetrotting on C60: walk on sphere rearrangement and retro bingel

reaction of gas-phase fullerene malonate ions


M. Utczás, E. Trovato and L. Mondello

Application of a novel analytical tool for flavor and fragrance

analysis: gas chromatography coupled with condensed phase FTIR


Social dinner at Baita la Ritonda, Val Canali

Oral presentations


Chairman: Pascal Gerbaux


P. Bednar, L. Kucera, M. Cechova, O. Kurka, P. Bartak, J. Peska and K. Lemr

Atmospheric solids analysis probe and laser desorption/ionization

mass spectrometry in archaeology


T. Nardin, I. Bragagna, S. Vincenzi and R. Larcher

Glycoalkaloid profiles using neutral loss – high resolution mass

spectrometry in herbal teas


M. Burico, G.Fodaroni, G.Proietti, E.Flamini, S.Bedont, S.Tamimi,

Claudio M. Quintiero, M.Gianni and L. Mattoli

Target metabolomic profiling of tannins by LC-HRMS precursor ion scan

approach in Hamamelis virginiana


A. Armandi, S. Scurati and S. Fiorina

New approaches for target and untarget screening in food

with LC-MS/MS SWATHTM analysis



Coffe Break “Sapori Trentini” by Fondazione Edmund Mach


Chairman: Kàroly Vèkey


P. Traldi, S. D’Aronco, S. Crotti, M. Agostini, N.C. Chilelli and A.Lapolla

A view on the role of mass spectrometry in studies of glycation processes and diabetes management


S. Sugár, A. Ács, Á. Gömöry, G. Tóth, K. Vékey, L. Drahos and L. Turiák

Profiling the n-glycosylation pattern of the HeLa cell lysate


G. Tóth, K. Vékey, L. Drahos, V. Horváth and L. Turiák

Salt gradient μUHPLC-MS method for high-sensitivity quantitation

of heparan-sulfate disaccharides


Short trekking tour


Poster session


Oral presentations

Chairman: Roberto Larcher


M. Zanchetta, V. Iacuzzi, B. Posocco, E. Marangon, A. Soledad

Poetto, M. Buzzo, S. Gagno and G. Toffoli

Development and validation of LC-MS/MS method for sorafenib,

regorafenib and their active metabolites in hepatocellular carcinoma patients


A. Lapolla, S. Burlina, C. Banfi, M. Brioschi, S. Visentin, M. G. Dalfrà and P. Traldi

Is the placental proteome impaired in well-controlled

gestational diabetes?


A. Dolashki, L. Velkova, V. Atanasov, Y. Topalova, E. Daskalova, N. Zheleva,

N. Ilieva-Litova, P. Traldi, J. Van Beeumen, B. Devreese and W. Voelter

Proteomic analysis of antimicrobial mechanism of action of peptides

from snails extracts



Oral presentations


Chairman: Sara Crotti


F. Di Marco, A. Saba, A. Paolicchi and A. Raffaelli

Investigations on a potential role of mass spectrometry in the study

of hemoglobinopathies


S. Cristoni

Serum steroid ratio profiles in prostate cancer diagnosis


F. Villanelli, G. Pieraccini, S. Funghini, G. Forni, S. Malvagia, E.

Scolamiero, M. Mura, M. Della Bona, R. Damiano and G. la Marca

Importance of chromatography for the LC-MS/MS sulfatides analysis

in dried blood spot to confirm metachromatic leukodystrophy


V. Iacuzzi, B. Posocco, B. Casetta, E. Marangon, A. Soledad Poetto,

M. Buzzo, S. Gagno, M. Zanchetta and G. Toffoli

Development and validation of LC-MS/MS method for imatinib and norimatinib

monitoring by finger-prick dbs in gastrointestinal stromal tumor patients



Coffe Break


Chairman: Francesco De Angelis


E. Colson, C. Decroo, D. Cooper-Shepherd, J. De Winter, M. Palmer,

J.Claereboudt and P. Gerbaux

Gas phase discrimination between stereoisomeric and regioisomeric

saponin ions by ion mobility: linear vs cyclic twims setups


D. Jeanne Dit Fouque, A. Maroto and A. Memboeuf

Collision gas pressure effect on survival yield curves for the structural

and quantitative analysis of isobaric mixtures


D. Kuck, S. Heitkamp, J. E. McGettigan and R. R. Hark

Regiospecific fragmentation of the three isomeric sodium-cationized

tetra(benzyloxy)benzenes: a labelling study


Presentation of the 38th IMMS


Prizes for the best posters


Hiking in the Dolomites




The Italian Mass Spectrometry Society supports the 37th IMMS by providing two Participation Grants worth 400 Euro for young (under 31 years old) participants. Selection of awardees will be based on the scientific quality of the submitted abstracts. The awarded researchers will be invited to give an oral presentation at the conference.
Young Researchers can apply for one of the Grants by sending their abstract for an oral presentation and a short CV at the email address: registrazione@imass.it before March 10th 2019. Applicants must be regularly registered with IMaSS at the date of submission of the application. Submitted abstracts will be reviewed by IMaSS Executive Board. Selected award winners will receive the communication before March 15th 2019.


Deadline for receiving the abstract is the 1st of April 2019. Details for abstract preparation and submission can be found at this link.


All oral talks will be 20 minutes including discussion. Admitted presentation formats are PowerPoint or PDF file. All presentations should be uploaded on the computer provided by the organizers the morning of the lecture. Each participant will be limited to present only one oral lecture or a poster presentation. As in the last IMMS meetings, there will be no plenary lectures. Due to time limitation, only a certain number of oral presentation will be possible. Therefore oral proposals submitted after the fulfillment of the maximum number of presentations will be converted in posters. In this case authors will be informed.


Poster size is 90 cm wide, 120 cm tall. The IRP – Istituto di Ricerca Pediatrica-Città della Speranza, will offer a prize (150 euros) for the two best posters that will be presented at the 37th IMMS.



All conference sessions of the 37th IMMS will be held at the  Teatro dell’ Oratorio di Pieve, Via G. Marconi 3, Fiera di Primiero (TN), Italy. Room blocks have been reserved for the attendees at nearby hotels. Please make your reservation early to secure the most convenient hotel accommodation.

Primiero Iniziative is the Official Hotel Reservation Agency.
By making your hotel reservation through Primiero Iniziative, you can be confident you will stay in quality accommodations at a confirmed rate. Contact Primiero iniziative, at the kind attention of Marta Boschetto, using the contact provided below.


Primerio Iniziative

Via Guadagnini, 29
38054 Fiera di Primiero (TN)

tel: +39 0439 762525
fax:  +39 0439 764685
e-mail: info@primiero.com
Website: www.primiero.com



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Teatro dell’ Oratorio di Pieve,

Via G. Marconi 3,

Fiera di Primiero (TN)






IRP – Istituto di Ricerca Pediatrica

Corso Stati Uniti 4, 35127



If you have any questions about the event, please contact us directly. We will respond for sure.


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